Interview: Anna of Berries for Bella

Anna of Berries for Bella taught herself how to crochet from books and videos while she was pregnant with her first baby. “As I got better I wanted to share my creations with a larger audience. It was really easy to open up an online shop on Etsy and list a few items. I was so excited to see people from around the world visit my shop and look at my work. My business has grown steadily and I now do ceramics and grow live plants in addition to my crochet flowerpot cosies.”

Anna is inspired by her Scandinavian heritage. “I love the playfulness and simple lines of Scandinavian design and its bright colours. I love to work in natural materials like wool and cotton.”

“Making means responsibility. My ambition is to provide great quality, long lasting products that don’t harm the environment. When designing a new product I always consider its usefulness. I find satisfaction in making products that can be loved for a long time in their new homes.”

Anna has wise words for those thinking about starting their own craft business, “Go for it if you think you’d enjoy it! With a craft business it’s possible to start out small without any big investments and grow at your own pace. Listen to advice from fellow small business owners. The crafting world is full of friendly people who are happy to share their experiences.”

You can meet Anna and other makers at the Cambridge Made Summer Fair on the 11th of June at St. Andrew’s Street Baptist Church.

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