Interview: Louise Richardson of Two For Joy

Louise Richardson of Two For Joy Illustration & Design loves making and drawing, “I really can’t go a day without doing something creative. Even if it’s just a doodle I have ideas every day which have to be written down.”

“All my designs start as little doodles and drawings in whatever notepad I have to hand! I design mostly paper goods, which are then handmade here in Suffolk. I also design and hand make a range of cushions, pencil cases, personalised mirrors and hand finish all my own cards and prints. Everything is small scale, which is just how I like it.”

It’s Louise’s passion for creating that has motivated her to start a business which she pursues in the evening after a long day at work. Her biggest challenge to overcome is “Tiredness! My day job keeps me out of my studio until 6pm, so I’ve had to learn to push through my burning desire to nap, but baby steps each evening keep me on the right track!”

Louise would advise anyone starting out to keep it simple. “I would get overly excited about all the things I could make, then stay up all night making. But then I would get completely drained by boring things like costs and all the things that could go wrong. So I suggest just start small and set yourself little targets. Grow slowly and surely.”

“Also, to do lists are great because you can motivate yourself by ticking off your achievements, no matter how small. There’s a lot that goes into a small creative business so it’s easy to get bogged down with what you need to do next, or what you haven’t done, so it’s super important to take a step back and see how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved!”

Within five years Louise would like “to be working for myself for quite a few more hours than I am able to do now. Hopefully I’ll have a few collaborations under my belt and I’ll have been able to buy my dream sewing machine! I’m already lucky enough to have some cards in Paperchase and Funky Pigeon, so hopefully a few more high street stores will stock my cards too.”

“Basically I want to sit in my little studio all day drawing and sewing with my cat while listening to whatever I fancy!”

Louise is just one of the marvelous makers who will be selling at the Cambridge Made Summer Fair on the 11th of June at St. Andrew’s Street Baptist Church.

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