Interview: Anne-Doreen of OKKO


Anne-Doreen Kopischka of Okko Skincare uses a subtle blend of natural oils to create beautiful silky smooth solid moisturising balm bars. She says, “Envision a beautiful clear lipstick, but bigger and for the whole of the body. It meets our busy everyday needs; you can throw it in your bag and use it at your convenience. It is a quick and easy way to keep your skin perfectly hydrated while on the go.


OKKO Skincare was born out of the realisation that all of us deserve a little extra tender loving care. “I started a family and needed something that would fit the family schedule as well as the fact that most skincare contains nasty ingredients and I just started to pay serious attention to this with the products I used on my children.”

“I started with reading, researching and experimenting in my kitchen. Developing formulas together with a chemist. Having lots of people testing and giving feedback until I reached a result I was fairly happy with. “

The greatest hurdle that Anne-Doreen faces running Okko is “the juggle of organising the house, children and business. Sometimes it is impossible to be fair to everyone and satisfy their needs. This was and still is the biggest challenge.”

Her advice to anyone setting out to start up their own business is to “…stay focused. Don’t stop! Continue and don’t lose your goal, regardless of what happens. Don’t pay for x amount of courses because you think they may help. I noticed that most of what you really need is available on a small budget.”

You’ll find more of her wonderful products at the Cambridge Made Summer Fair on the 11th of June at St. Andrew’s Street Baptist Church.


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