Interview: Bernadett Perjes of Pappet

Bernadett Perjes of Pappet creates fun paper craft activity kit. “I have designed Pappet kits to inspire children and adults to make unique, individual ‘works of art’. My goal is for their imaginations to run free and for them to enjoy this activity.” Her motto is: Give space to kids’ creativity and desire to create.

Bernadett is inspired by her lively 11 year old daughter Olivia who “loves to create: cut, colour, paint, glue, weave and bead.” Olivia is also Bernadett’s biggest critic. “She’ll tell you right away if she likes something or not. Sometimes it is her idea that starts a process. I believe children’s creations are often more interesting, more magical than I can ever imagine.”

“My process always begins with pen and paper. From the idea to the final product there are countless prototypes and hours of work. I love brainstorming and experimenting. Creating a demo version and detailing can be a tedious process, but I like doing optimization for manufacturing too. When the toy is finished I usually have to make loads of samples to be put up in shops.”

“I love working with paper, it is a well known material available to everybody. People are not ‘afraid’ of it. On the other hand, it is very versatile and easy to use.”

Bernadett hopes that people who buy her toys will consider them time well spent and enjoy the finished product, but more importantly she hopes that people will “find real joy in creating itself.”


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