Interview: Mel of Little Gems


The Cambridge Made Summer Fair is just three weeks away, so we’re kicking off a series of mini-interviews with our makers and artists. First up is jewellery maker Mel of Little Gems

Mel makes a colourful range of beadwork and leather jewellery which she describes as “wearable boho”. She’s always had a love of jewellery and stones: “I’ve always collected semi-precious rocks and could never find the type of jewellery I wanted to wear – so I decided to make my own. I put myself on a few courses and got on with it! Having worked in retail for many years, including a jewellers, I had a fair idea of what would be involved.
“I love making. The whole process is really relaxing for me. I have always been a crafter since I was small. I enjoy the process of finding the materials, putting them together in a design, and working out how best to display them – and I love meeting people who enjoy my jewellery. I’m inspired by the world around me, nature, my customers, my family and my travels.”
As most people who run a creative business know, however, it’s not always plain sailing. When asked what she’s had to overcome to get her business going, Mel mentions something that will be familiar to most of us: “Anxiety about failure, mostly.” And she has a few words of advice for aspiring makers: “Keep at it, don’t let anyone put your dream down – it’s your dream, not theirs. If you truly believe in it, you will do it!”


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