Christmas Fair Seller Highlight: LucyEParnell

Etsy Cambridge will have one more pop-up market in 2015 – the Christmas Fair! Over the upcoming few weeks, we’ll introduce our vendors to you. Today’s seller is:


Her current shop items are Jane Austen themed cushions and Tea Towels but she’ll be looking to sell Jane’s Bad Boys themed Christmas Cards, Mr Darcy Christmas Cards as well as animal illustration cards and prints at the market.

“Period dramas and adaptations, especially the starched white shirts and cravats have always been a guilty pleasure (or not so guilty) of mine and I love making and adding to my Period Drama Heroes series. My cheeky Jane’s Bad Boys Tea towel is my best seller which features the ‘Bad Boys’ of Jane Austen’s novels including Mr George ‘The Ladies Man’ Wickham, and Mr John ‘The Charmer’ Willoughby.”

Jane’s Bad Boys Tea towel
When's Tea Tiger
When’s Tea? Tiger Card
Mr Darcy Cushion
Mr Darcy Cushion

You can find the Etsy Cambridge Christmas Fair on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December 2015 at St Andrew’s Baptist Church, 43 St Andrew’s St, Cambridge, CB2 3AR, United Kingdom. (Near the Arts Picturehouse Cinema)

LucyEParnell will be at the market on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December.

Find the event on Facebook: Etsy Cambridge Christmas Market

Find the event on Etsy: Etsy Local


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