Wednesday Interview – Ep 7 – Kimmee

As part of an ongoing series, we will ask all of our team members to answer 10 questions about themselves and their shops. This way, we’ll get to know one another a little bit better and perhaps pick up a great tip or two! I will personally aim to post these out every Wednesday around noon, so look out for some questions in your inbox and the posts to appear here. For those amongst you who are shy – don’t worry. It’s not compulsory to take part, nor do you have to send in any pictures if you don’t want to.

[If you are on Team Etsy Cambridge and want to be part of this series, just fill out the questions – and perhaps add an image or two – and send them over to me on Etsy (Y. Bessels / 1000crows) or on Facebook (Yvette Bessels). I’ll add them to the scheduled waiting list.]



1. What’s your name?

My name is Kim

2. What’s your shop name?

Shop name is AllthingsBAB, short for All things bright and beautiful

3. How did you choose your shop name?

The name came about because when I started out I was mainly working with crystals and they are so bright and beautiful!

4. What do you sell?

I sell mainly jewellery, fine silver, sterling silver and beaded things

5. How did you decide to do this?

It started out as a hobby but then I left my job as an administrator and decided to do this full time.

6. What do you love most about your products?

I love the beauty of silver and the sparkliness of crystals and if I can combine the two I am in heaven!

7. Which of your products are bestselling or most popular? 

My best selling product are my silver earrings with tiny silver charms and the most popular of them are my star and moon charms.

8. What were your biggest challenges in opening / running an online shop?

My biggest challenge was the business side of running a shop – I have had to learn that great photo’s etc are just as important as great products. All I really want to do is to create but I have to do all the other stuff too.

9. What are your wishes for your shop – are there products you’d like to add or any favourite shops whose success you’d like to achieve?

I want to learn to solder silver so that I can add a range of silver rings and bangles to my jewellery. And all I wish for my shop is that I can create beautiful pieces that other people will love so that I can carry on doing what I love best. It’s taken me over 50 years to discover my passion and now I have I can’t imagine doing anything else. I don’t compare myself to anyone else – as long as I am happy with the way my shop is going, well that is enough for me.

10. What would be your golden tip for opening and running an Etsy Shop? And you cannot say having great pictures 😉

My tip for running a shop on Etsy is A. Have a product you are passionate about. B. Put in the hours. C. Learn all you can about search engine optimisation – it’s a never ending learning curve and D. Take great photo’s!! (OK I know that wasn’t allowed but it IS important!!)

Wrap style bracelet in duck egg blue, lilac or mint faux suede with silver tubes, Duck egg blue bracelet, Lilac bracelet, Mint bracelet

Silver star & moon earrings,  Fine silver star and moon charms on sterling silver hoop earrings, Silver moon charm, silver star charm

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